Special Procedures and Contingency Plans Due to COVID-19

Our goal is to start school, on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year. Toward that goal, we have implemented safety measures when on campus and contingency plans in case the situation in the larger community requires us to make adjustments.

Anytime students are on campus, the following safety measures are in place:

  1. Student and staff temperatures will be taken, and hand sanitizing will be done prior to entering buildings
  2. If playgrounds need to be closed, then alternative movement and social breaks will be built into the schedule
  3. Water fountains will be turned off
  4. Classroom furniture and desks will be arranged to support distancing. 
  5. Our before and after school programs will be adjusted to allow for movement breaks in smaller groups so as to facilitate safe distancing
  6. Daily sanitizing of all desks, tables, light switches, door handles, etc.


If the situation within the larger community prevents us from having all students on campus full time for any portion of the year, we have two contingency plans in place.

  • A Hybrid Plan that has students attending school on either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, with distance learning on the other days. 
    • On Campus days, students will receive instruction in reading, math, decoding, writing, science, and social studies. They will also receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical education. 
    • Distance learning days, students will work on homework through Google Classroom and receive music therapy and art via Google Meet with optional activities given via Google Classroom. 
    • Fridays, teachers will set up 1:1 meetings using Google Meet with each student in order to check in and make sure work is understood, completed, and turned in on a regular basis.
  • A Distance Learning Plan that has been created based on feedback.
    • Via Google Meet, students will start in homeroom each morning for 15 minutes. 
    • Daily, with breaks included, students will receive thirty minutes of live, on level instruction via Google Meet in each of the following: reading, math, decoding, and writing with homework given through Google Classroom. 
    • Weekly, students will receive thirty minutes of live instruction via Google Meet in speech therapy, occupational therapy, PE, art, and music therapy, with optional activities given through Google Classroom.


Again, we hope to be on campus with our students throughout the year, but we reserve the right to implement contingency plans as necessary.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Developmentally Grouped Homerooms
  • Differentiated and Individualized Academic Instruction
  • Utilization of a Variety of Well-Supported Academic Programs and Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Small Groups for Core Academics
  • Group Speech-Language, Occupational, and Music Therapy for all