Supplemental Programs

Porter Academy offers the following supplemental programs that occur outside of regular school hours.

  • Morning Energizers: Students are able to start their day with movement to prepare their bodies and brains for a day of learning. Morning Energizers is available from 7:15-8:15 each morning.
  • Extended Day: Available until 6:00 PM, students read, work on homework, play outside, and play educational computer games.
  • Fast ForWard: At Porter Academy, we also offer additional after school programs, such as our Fast ForWord from Scientific Learning. This program has helped countless students improve their reading and language arts abilties.
  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs): Another afterschool program we offer at Porter Academy is Integrated Listening Systems (iLs). This therapeutic program is aimed at helping students improve their sensory processing, attention, and auditory processing abilities through modfied music and multi-sensory activities.
  • Summer Camp: Our summer camp at Porter Academy is designed to help students not only retain many of the skills they developed during the school, but to also strengthen their social skills via teamwork activities within a relaxed, fun atmosphere. .

Your Child Can Succeed In The Right Environment!

It’s never easy to watch children struggle to excel in the classroom. Often, students simply need a bit of additional attention from an instructor who has experience working with students with various learning abilities. At Porter Academy, we are committed to helping students thrive and always put their needs first. To find out more about our enrollment policies and our supplemental programs, please call (770) 594-1313.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Developmentally Grouped Homerooms
  • Differentiated and Individualized Academic Instruction
  • Utilization of a Variety of Well-Supported Academic Programs and Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Small Groups for Core Academics
  • Group Speech-Language, Occupational, and Music Therapy for all