Porter Academy follows the Core Knowledge Curriculum because of its emphasis on language. The ability to understand what is spoken or read is critical for any functioning adult and requires language, vocabulary, and background information. Our students need to build their listening and speaking abilities in order to understand what information is coming at them and engage in the world around them. Core Knowledge focuses on these subtleties of language and incorporates speaking and listening skills, all while teaching an extensive scope in language arts, math, world history, American history, geography, science, visual arts, and music.

For more information, please visit the Core Knowledge Curriculum website.

Specific Techniques and Programs

Reading & Language Arts

Reading is taught in smaller groups, while Language Arts group sizes vary depending on the skill being taught. We integrate multi-sensory activities and engaging educational games with educational programs including:

  • Decoding/Encoding
    • Wilson
    • Edmark
    • Primary Phonics
    • Explode the Code
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Read Aloud stories, fables, and rhymes from Core Knowledge
    • Evan Moore
    • Reading A to Z and RAZ Kids (online companion to Reading A to Z)
    • SRA
    • Starting Comprehension
    • Reading for Comprehension
    • Poetry
    • Book and Article Reports
    • Current Events
  • Writing/Vocabulary
    • Writing Workshop
    • I Can Write Online
    • I Can Write
    • Wordly Wise
    • Just Write
  • Handwriting
    • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Typing


Math is taught in smaller groups in order to ensure we meet the needs of each student’s level and learning style. Our Lower School math curriculum is based on hands on, experiential learning. New concepts are taught and reinforced using math manipulatives and games. Once concepts are understood, they are reinforced with paper and pencil. Some of the curriculum resources we use include:

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies and Science are taught in larger groups in order to give the children experience with this type of learning environment. We use grade level Core Knowledge Curriculum for each homeroom that is developmentally appropriate. The curriculum is reinforced with reading and experiential learning activities. Some of the topics include:

  • Map Skills
  • States & Countries
  • Holidays
  • World History
  • American History
  • Important People in History
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • News to You

What Sets Us Apart

  • Developmentally Grouped Homerooms
  • Differentiated and Individualized Academic Instruction
  • Utilization of a Variety of Well-Supported Academic Programs and Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Small Groups for Core Academics
  • Group Speech-Language, Occupational, and Music Therapy for all