Redirect Your Tax Dollars

  • SSO Tax Credit (fully refunded when you file your tax return): The Georgia Private School Tax Credit law allows eligible private citizens and corporations to receive tax credits for donations to Georgia Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). Tax credit means that the amount donated will be deducted from state taxes owed (or refunded if you paid state taxes throughout the year). Your contributions will provide student scholarships for children who need a school like Porter Academy to be successful, but, without your help, would be unable to afford the cost of a private education.

How to redirect your tax dollars to be used for student scholarships

  • Complete the GA state tax credit pre-approval form.
    • Name of student scholarship organization is “GREAT SSO, INC”
    • Taxpayer ID # of student scholarship organization is 32-0257783
  • The amount that you are eligible to redirect is dependent upon your filing status:
    • Individuals up to $2,500
    • Married couples filing jointly can be credited up to $5,000
    • S Corps, LLC corps, and Partnerships up to $25,000 (cannot exceed tax from K-1 passthrough)
    • C Corps up to 75% of their GA tax debt
    • If you contribute more than you owe in GA taxes, the surplus can be carried over for 5 years
  • You do not have to contribute the full amount for which you are eligible. This is the maximum amount for which the government will reimburse you.
  • Mail/bring the form into Porter Academy – 200 Cox Rd. Roswell, GA 30075 – before we leave for Winter Break (December 21, 2022).
    • We will deliver them to Great SSO, Inc. (our student scholarship organization partner). On January 1, the forms will be entered into the system in the order that they were received. Therefore, it is important to get in line early so Porter Academy can receive as many of the funds as possible. The cap is $120 million dollars, but it is expected that this cap will be met quickly.
      • If you do not get your pre-approval form into Porter Academy before Winter Break, you can mail it directly to GREAT SSO, INC at 1595 Peachtree Parkway Suite 204-128 Cumming, GA 30041
      • DO NOT SEND THE FORM DIRECTLY TO THE GA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (even though it says to do so on the pre-approval form; the procedure has changed since they updated the form)
  • You will not need to submit your payment until after the government approves your contribution request. If approved, you will receive a letter in January or early February. You will have 60 days from the date of your approval letter to make your payment.
    • Write a check to “Great SSO, Inc”
    • Write “Porter Academy” on the memo line
    • Send the check, along with a copy of your approval letter, to

Great SSO, Inc ​​
1595 Peachtree Parkway
Suite 204-128
Cumming, GA 30041

  • Report it on your tax return and receive the full contribution amount back from the state.

What Sets Us Apart

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