Student Assessment

Upon entering Porter Academy, we review reports from outside agencies as well as conduct our own battery of assessments. Based on information ascertained, we 1) decide on the best academic placement and 2) write an Annual Student Plan (ASP) that details the areas in which each child struggles. We then routinely re-assess using both informal, curriculum specific, and standardized assessments to track progress and adjust groups, techniques, and/or ASP goals as needed.

Students receive

  • Detailed Academic Assessment of Reading and Math levels:
    • Key Math (all students)
    • Woodcock Johnson Reading Diagnostic Test (all students)
    • Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills – Revised (CIBS-R) (select students)
  • Speech Language Pathology Assessments
    • Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS) (most students)
    • Preschool Language Scales 5 (PLS-5) (youngest students)
    • Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test – 4th Edition
    • Receptive¬†One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test – 4th Edition
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments
    • Test of Visual Perceptual Skills – 4th Edition (TVPS-4)
    • Clinical Observations: fine and gross motor skills, ocular motor skills, shoelaces and fasteners
    • Informal handwriting assessments
  • Supplemental testing may be performed as needed:
    • Language Processing
    • Articulation
    • Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT)
    • Token: following multi-step directions
    • SCAN:3-C for auditory processing

What Sets Us Apart

  • Developmentally Grouped Homerooms
  • Differentiated and Individualized Academic Instruction
  • Utilization of a Variety of Well-Supported Academic Programs and Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Small Groups for Core Academics
  • Group Speech-Language, Occupational, and Music Therapy for all