• 2015-2016 School Year Calendar - PDF

    Important Dates

    Jun 15-Jul 17: Summer Camp
    Aug 5-10: Teacher Work Days - No School for Students
    Aug 11: Orientation:
    Elementary 10-11 AM
    Middle School: 1-2 PM
    Aug 12: First Day of School
    Aug 25: Curriculum Night - 6:00-7:30 (all homerooms)
    Sep 7: No School - Labor Day Holiday

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  • Regular School Hours
    Morning carpool:
    Elementary: 8:15-8:30
    Middle School: 8:00-8:15

    Afternoon carpool (all students):

    Morning Energizers is a before-school program that runs from 7:15 until 8:15 (8:00 for Middle School students).

    Extended Day is offered until 6:00.

    Students remaining at school at 3:30 will automatically go to Extended Day.

  • Porter Students
    Our program is appropriate for students in grades Pre K-8 with any of the following difficulties:

    Reading, Reading Comprehension, Spelling
    Math calculation and concepts
    Executive Functioning
    Language processing
    Auditory Processing
    Sensory Processing
    Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Visual Skills
    Social Skills






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Our Mission

Porter Academy is dedicated to educating children by utilizing individualized programs that are appropriate to each student’s developmental level and learning style.

Our Beliefs

  • Children can reach untapped potential when provided with
    • appropriate small group instruction
    • social guidance
    • therapeutic support
  • Children are best able to succeed academically and socially when the school
    • utilizes a whole-child approach
    • simultaneously develops academics and foundational abilities (e.g., processing skills, attention, motor skills)
    • promotes development of self-esteem and intrinsic motivation
  • Regular assessments are necessary to determine the most effective intervention for each child

Our StudentsPorter Academy

We serve children Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade who have difficulties with language processing,dyslexia, attention (ADHD), sensory processing, visual processing, auditory processing,motor skills (dyspraxia), organization, social skills, and self-esteem.

Our Approach

At Porter Academy, we take an individualized “whole child” approach.  We understand that not all children fit into a mold in regards to what they need to succeed.  We bring the expertise of teachers, therapists, and administrators together to develop a comprehensive understanding of each child.  This enables us to determine the most effective interventions (academic, social, developmental, and emotional) for that particular child.  We enable the child to experience success both through modifications and through remediation of underlying difficulties. The modifications allow for immediate success; the remediation leads to lasting success. Both lead to improved self-esteem and internal motivation to learn. 

Program Components