• Preventing Holiday Stress for our Children

    The holidays can be fun, but they also tend to alter routines and come with a lot of (over) stimulation. Students at Porter Academy often rely on routines and breaks in stimulation even more than the rest of us. I found this article shared some helpful tips to help us keep the holiday experience positive for all of us: https://www.verywellfamily.com/holiday-stress-and-anxiety-in-children-620516


  • Dichotic Listening

    I was looking into interventions for auditory processing, specifically dichotic listening, which is very difficult for many of our students. I was happy to come across this article listing Fast ForWord as a scientifically supported intervention not only for learning to differentiate speech sounds, but also for dichotic listening. It is an easy but informative read. I encourage you to check it out. Article about Dichotic Listening